Workshops for Congregations, Clergy, and Laity

Dr. Gustafson has been offering workshops for many years. Some of the more popular workshops have been:

  • Compassion, Presence, and Care: Basic Training for Lay Pastoral Care
  • Addiction and Spirituality: Creating Communities that Promote Sobriety, Support Recovery, and Prevent Relapse
  • Toolkit for Healthy Relationships in Congregations
  • Meeting, Academic, University

Here are some more:

  • The Lord’s Prayer from the perspective of Aramaic Language and Cosmology
  • Spirituality for You and Me
  • Leadership and Self-Care for Clergy and other Leaders
  • Healthy Practices in Ministry

Some of these were created because a congregation or group asked Dr. Gustafson to address a particular issue, so he is willing to offer existing workshops or create new ones as the need arises.

Cost for workshops held by congregations is typically $120 per program hour and different workshops have different lengths from 2 hours to 16 hours.

Please contact Dr. Gustafson if you are interested in hosting a workshop. Creative financing models are available for host organizations.

607 857-0003

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