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SIP Consultation Beginning September 20, 2021 – Details

SIP Consultation is one requirement for Certification in Spiritually Integrated Psychotherapy (

SIP Certification Requirements

After completing the 30 hour SIP training, you must be a member of ACPE and have a full license in a mental health discipline, complete 20 hours of consultation with SIP Trainers, and present a case with a group of Trainers and others in the process. This last requirement is collaborative, not evaluative. SIP consultation may be taken before licensure.

Candidates should complete the Consultation Requirement with at least two SIP Trainers, one of whom is in or near your geographic location.

Wayne E. Gustafson, DMin, LMHC is offering 10-hour consultation plans (4 hours individual consultation, and three 2-hour groups) with between 3 and 6 participants at a time:

SIP Consultation Program 2
Hours scheduled between September 20 and November 12
3 – 6 Participants

Participants will present three or four cases, depending on group size. Two cases will be presented to the Trainer, and one or two in the group. See below for specifics.

Scheduling is very flexible during each program week with the exception of the three 2-hour groups in weeks 4, 5, and 6. Specific times for those groups will be determined by the participants and the Trainer.

If you choose to do this 10 hour block of consultation with me and it is your first, I will work with you to find a second Trainer for future work. If you have already completed 10 hours with another Trainer, I will do my best to have this experience complement what you have already done.

The cost is $600.

Because slots in these two programs are limited, please contact me as soon as possible if you have questions and/or would like to register.

Registration and payment will be directly with me. More schedule details are below.

Wayne Gustafson, DMin, LMHC
SIP Trainer
Ithaca, New York

SIP Consultation Program Details (September 20 – November 13 will have a similar structure)

Week 1 beginning Sept 20

Individual 1 hour sessions with each of the participants to see where their growing edges are and develop a learning contract.

Week 2  beginning Sept 27

Individual 1-hour sessions with each of the participants who present Case 1

Week 4 beginning Oct 11

2-hour group with 2 participants presenting Case 2 for one hour

Week 5 beginning Oct 18

2-hour group with 2 participants presenting Case 2 or 3 (depending on group size) for one hour

Week 6 beginning Oct 25

2-hour group with 2 participants presenting Case 2 or 3, or if a smaller group, 1 participant presenting Case 2 or 3 for one hour followed by the final hour being devoted to issues that participants wish to explore more deeply.

Week 7 and/or 8, beginning November 1 for those who have enough available cases or November 8 for those who need more time to prepare the last case.

Individual 2-hour sessions with each of the participants presenting Case 3 or 4 in hour 1.

Hour 2 is for the consultee to Wrap Up the unit, explore ongoing issues, and consider plans for next steps towards certification.